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America Online Users Information

Customers using AOL tend to have a lot of problems playing java script games since AOL browsers do not support Java script based games very well. The games will not completely load or will crash a lot. We highly recommend that you use Internet Explorer or Netscape when you play our casino games. You can sign on using AOL, but you must use another browser to surf the web. If you have Windows on your computer, you will have Explorer already installed. If you need further instructions, please let us know and we would be happy to assist you. If you have IE installed but need more instructions:

1.Logon to AOL as you usually do, minimize AOL after connecting.
2.Double click on the IE icon on your desktop (it looks like a blue "e"). 3.In IE, in the field called Address, type in the casino's website and click Enter on your keyboard.
4.Login to your casino account and have fun.
For users that don't have IE or Netscape installed: If you access the Internet via AOL and are experiencing difficulty playing our games then the following information will provide you with a solution.
The problem presents itself if you are using the default AOL 3.0 browser to access our game pages. The AOL 3.0 browser download provides a stripped-down version of its browser, which makes it incapable of handling the Java technology we are using. You can improve this by either installing the Microsoft Virtual Java Machine or downloading a full version of either Netscape 4.5 or Internet Explorer 5. Links to all three are just below. The Virtual Java Machine will resolve a lot of problems you may be having on the internet. It is a recent release by Microsoft and designed to fix a problem with their current ability to support Java. Microsoft VJM - DOWNLOAD NOW!!
The alternative solution is to download either a FREE full version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x Microsoft Internet Explorer
or Netscape Navigator 4.x. Netscape Navigator Complete instructions are detailed below. The first step is to make sure you are using AOL 3.0. Do this by going to the HELP section and then clicking on MY AOL. This section will tell you what version you are currently running. If you are using an older version, follow these instructions: Upgrading AOL using Windows 95 / Windows NT:

1.If you are currently using AOL version 3.0 software, skip to step 8.
2.Connect to AOL using your current software.
3.When connected, click the "Keyword" button at the top of the screen.
4.Type "upgrade" into the window and press Enter.
5.Click on the "AOL 3.0 for Windows 95" button.
6.Click on "Upgrade Now" from the left.
7.Follow the download instructions in the left-hand window.
8.When you have AOL 3.0 installed, log back into AOL.
9.Once the main menu screen appears, minimize the AOL program and double-click
on the Internet Explorer Shortcut on the desktop. (or go to Start Menu, Programs, Internet Tools, Internet Explorer).
10.You can now log back into the casino. To download Microsoft Internet Explorer:

1.To begin downloading Microsoft Internet Explorer click here
2.Click on the "Download" left menu option.
3.Select your operating system and click "Next".
4.Select version of Internet Explorer desired and click "Next".
5.Select desired language version of Internet Explorer and click "Next".
6.Click on one of the available download file locations. This will start the download. Note the name of the file being downloaded.
7.When you are finished downloading, close your current browser and shut down AOL.
8.Find the file that you just downloaded and double-click it.
9.Follow the instructions to install Internet Explorer making sure NOT to install IE into the same directory as AOL.
10.When the install is finished, log back in to AOL.
11.When the AOL Main Menu appears minimize the AOL program and run Internet Explorer.
12.You can now log back into to the casino and start to play. To download Netscape Navigator:

1.To begin downloading Netscape Navigator click here
2.Select Netscape Navigator 3.0 or higher from the first pull-down menu.
3.Select your operating system from the second menu. (Windows 95 or NT, or Windows 3.1)
4.Select your language and your location and click the button "Click to Display Download Sites".
5.Click on a location nearest to your location. This will start the download.
6.When you are finished downloading, close your current browser and shut down AOL.
7.Find the file that you just downloaded, it starts with n32 or n16, and double-click it.
8.Follow the instructions for the install making sure NOT to install Netscape Navigator into the same directory as AOL.
9.When the install is finished, log back in to AOL.
10.When the AOL Main Menu appears minimize the AOL program and run Netscape Navigator.
11.You can now log back into to the casino and start to play

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