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Welcome Double Dollars Casino Partners! There are two simple ways to link to Double Dollars Casino after you have signed up for our Partners Program. The first method is to use a banner and the second is to use text. In both cases you will be using a special code embedded with your unique partner number for the proper tracking of your visitors.

If you are particularly adept at designing web pages, you may choose to devote an entire page to Double Dollars Casino. The choice is yours. Remember, the more effort you put into directing your customers to Double Dollars Casino, the more commissions you may get.

Using a Banner as a Link
Choose a banner from our banners page and copy it to your desktop by right clicking on it and choosing Save Picture As... (Eventually you will then upload this banner to your own server.) In the html code of your web page, use the following code to source the banner and activate it as a link :

Note - this section must be changed to work with the NEW PROGRAM.

<a href="">
<img src="BANNER LOCATION HERE" border="0"></a>

Replace BANNER LOCATION HERE with the location on your server where you have stored the banner after uploading.

Using Text as a Link
You may want to create a text link rather than use a banner. Similarly like the above banner example, you must use the following code:

Note - this section must be changed to work with the NEW PROGRAM.

<a href="">
Double Dollars Casino Partners Program</a>

We encourage you to be creative with the words and the style of the text you choose. Remember, your role is to attract players to the Double Dollars Casino site. Make it easy and fun!

IMPORTANT! In both these cases you must replace where it says Your_Partner_ID with your unique numerical code, for proper tracking of your visitors. The number should have been mailed to you when you submitted your online Partners Program application.

Thank you for becoming a Double Dollars Casino Partner. We wish you every success in your efforts to promote Double Dollars Casino. We want you to succeed!

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at: Please quote your unique Partner number in all correspondence.

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